Jordy Cheyem Lopez Garcia

Office: Blocker 619
E-mail: jordy.lopez [AT]
Office Hours: By appointment only
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2019 - present Ph. D. in Mathematics, Texas A&M University, USA
2011 - 2016 B.S./M.S. in Mathematics, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, USA

About Me

Howdy! I am a fourth year Ph.D. student working under the supervision of Frank Sottile and Paulo Lima-Filho. My interests lie in Algebraic Geometry, Category Theory, and their applications.



January. I gave two talks at the Joint Mathematics Meetings 2023 in Boston, MA:


October. I attended the Modern Math Workshop in the SACNAS NDiSTEM Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Summer. I was a research assistant to Anne Shiu at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute Undegraduate Program.

I am a participant of the AMS Math Research Communities on Applied Category Theory, mentored by John Baez.

May. I participated in the Notre Dame Future Faculty Workshop, and I attended the Algebraic Statistics Conference at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa.

March. I gave a workshop at the MSC SCOLA 35th Student Conference on Latinx Affairs, titled "Mathematics in the Midst of Trials".

Kelly Maluccio, Frank Sottile, Thomas Yahl and I developed a package in Macaulay2, called RealRoots for symbolically exploring, counting and locating real solutions to general polynomial systems.

Matthew Faust, Frank Sottile and I are studying interactions of spectral theory and algebraic geometry based on the work of Kutchment, Liu, Matos, Fillman, Bättig, Gieseker, Knorrer, Trubowitz and others. In particular, we want to generalize the classification of Bloch varieties arising from discrete Schrödinger operators. Together with Wencai Liu and Rodrigo Matos, we visited Louisiana State University to collaborate with Jake Fillman, Ilya Kachkovskiy and Stephen Shipman.



Together with Josué Tonelli-Cueto and Thomas Yahl, I organized the special session "Applications and Computation in Algebraic Geometry" during the 5th Annual Meeting of the SIAM Texas-Louisiana Section.

During Fall 2022, I was a mentor in the Twoples Program.

Together with Matthias Maier, Angelique Morvant, and Anne Shiu, I organize the Directed Reading Program at Texas A&M. Moreover, together with Arpan Pal, I organize the Texas A&M section of the Graduate Algebra Symposium, which includes UT Arlington, The University of North Texas and The University of Oklahoma.